Benefits of Wearing Protective Styles for Natural Hair

Over the last decade, the natural hair community has gotten a resurgence. Hundreds of thousands of women have ditched their chemical based straighteners to get to know the natural curls, coils, and kinks they were born with. Whether they have opted for transitioning from relaxer to natural, or jumped right to the big chop; the […]

4-Year-Old Karsyn Admires News Anchor Natural Hair

This Texan News Anchor Just Taught 4-Year-Old Karsyn An Important Lesson About Her Natural Hair

It is wonderful to be a positive role model for young people. That is exactly what Demetria Obilor did for 4 year old Karsyn. Demtria a News Anchor in Texas proudly wears her natural hair daily during her morning show and caught the attention of  Karsyn who like her also wears her natural hair. Karsyn […]

Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair – Natural Hair Winter Styles

Protective hairstyles for natural hair  is essential for making sure you keep healthy ends, avoid split ends and breakage, while keeping your hard earned length. Having a stash of various protective hairstyles for natural hair is not only important for maintaining healthy hair — but looking good as well. Just because its a protective style […]

Miss Jamaica Wore an Afro at Miss Universe 2017, and We Are SO Here For It

Miss Jamaica Wore an Afro at Miss Universe 2017, and We Are SO Here For It

Miss Jamaica gained notoriety in the Miss Universe Pageant even though she came in at second place due to her wearing natural hair. She wore it well and gave many women out there sporting natural hair styles more encouragement to wear their hair natural. Hey if a beauty pageant contestant can wear their hair natural […]

Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair

wedding hairstyles for natural black hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Black Hair For Brides Wedding hairstyles for natural black hair can really compliment your wedding day look. This article will showcase some really beautiful wedding hairstyles for natural black hair. Would you like to see wedding styles for natural hair we posted this article just for you. I came across this when […]

Healthy Skin Diet

Healthy Skin Diet

Keys to Healthy Skin is a Healthy Skin Diet A healthy skin diet is important to achieving healthy skin. The key to beautiful skin is not only what you put on the outside but what you put on the inside.  There are foods that we can incorporate in our healthy skin diet that enhance and […]

Respecting Women with Afro hair

What you should never say to a person with Afro hair

Where do people think that they could just walk up to someone and touch their natural hair or anything on their body just because their curious. This is a clear violation of personal space. Respecting a person involves asking if you can touch them and if they say no let it go. Or even asking […]

Father And Daughter Natural Hair Photo Shoot Breaks the Internet

Father And Daughter Break The Internet With Their Voluminous Natural Hair Photos!

This father and daughter photo shoot is one of a kind and amazing. Its lovely to see this father and daughter close relationship captured in these photos. There is nothing like a father’s love that so many young girls are missing. A father and daughter duo have broken the Internet with their stunning photos showcasing […]

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