Monthly Archives: October 2017

3c Curly Hair Routine

3c Curly Hair
3c Curly Hair Regimen Do you have 3c Curly Hair and looking for ways to grow your hair longer or maintain the length you already have then you have come to the right article. This article will explain ways to care for your natural hair. How do you know for sure if you have 3c hair? 3c curls resemble the size and shape of corkscrews. You’ll know for sure if you .....

Healthy Skin Diet

Healthy Skin Diet
Keys to Healthy Skin is a Healthy Skin Diet A healthy skin diet is important to achieving healthy skin. The key to beautiful skin is not only what you put on the outside but what you put on the inside.  There are foods that we can incorporate in our healthy skin diet that enhance and correct problem skin or maintain healthy skin. This article will educate you on what foods to eat.  So make a  list and take it with you on your next .....

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