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Natural V.I.P® is a registered trademark of Natures Beauty Mix LLC in Brooklyn, New York which creates handcrafted truly natural skin and hair care products with uncompromising quality based on organic and wild crafted whole natural ingredients under Natural V.I.P®. Our goal is to provide you the best natural product without harming the environment and giving you a chemical free experience to help nourish your body. Our ingredients are cruelty free and ethically traded. Why use our products We do not use artificial, colors, fillers or chemicals in our skin and hair products like other products in the market that cause irritation, redness and breakouts to the skin. Our products work to better your skin naturally not hide the problem and work against it. Products that are not all natural have chemicals that will make your skin look and feel good or your hair to look and feel soft but can cause damage to your body over the long run. Many beauty products today carry ingredients that are not all natural and have chemicals that can be damaging. Natural V.I.P® products are made with natural ingredients without the damaging chemical that commercial products have. The ingredients listed on Natural V.I.P® products brand are made with unrefined and unprocessed ingredients without chemical added and are made fresh. Natural ingredients are necessary to enhance and promote healthy hair and skin. If you haven’t use natural skin or hair products before; give Natural V.I.P® a try you won’t be sorry as your skin and hair will truly benefit from it. We also have a blog that give natural beauty tips and articles on natural skin care and natural hair care. The Natural V.I.P® beauty blog also gives information on the latest news in natural hair care and natural skin care. Checkout our blog at https://www.naturesbeautymix.com/blog-3/

Our Story

The owner of Natural V.I.P® products were created after creating wonderful mixture for the owner and her family for their sensitive skin and hair. She purchased products which never gave me any good long term results after discovering that these products contain chemical ingredients that can cause me health problems.  She decided to make her own products without the chemicals and natural ingredients that do well for her. She used her knowledge of natural ingredients such as natural butters, natural plant oils and essential oils to create products for the hair and skin. She then proceeded to throw out all the store bought junk and experiment with my making her own beauty products and was pleasantly satisfied that hair and skin began to flourish. She also felt better and healthier without the daily use of chemically created beauty products.

Our Products

The products created by Nature’s Beauty Mix have all natural ingredients. Natural essential oils and unrefined materials are used in making our natural beauty products. We use a preservative is our products that contain water to prevent fungus, bacteria, and mold. The preservative that is used is Phenoxyethanol and Sorbic acid which is formaldehyde and paraben free.   Stop putting harmful ingredients on your body and treat your body right with Natural V.I.P products made with only the best ingredients free of silicone, parabens, lauryl sulfate and synthetic preservatives. For example, these ingredients should be avoided: Sodium lauryl sulfate Ammonium lauryl sulfate Derivatives of lauryl alcohol Myreth sulfate Propylene glycol (also known as antifreeze) Olefin sulfonate (deodorized kerosene) Natural products are always going to be better because they work to correct the problems, rather than hiding its existing problems temporarily.   We also proud ourselves as being a cruelty free and non-gmo brand. We are part of the Leaping Bunny Program https://www.leapingbunny.org/content/natures-beauty-mix We are also certified by  PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program Naturalv.i.p


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