Organic and natural hair care: your green beauty guide

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More and more people are realizing that toxic chemical laced hair care has caused problems for their hair and health which is a great thing. Thats why Nature’s Beauty Mix was formed.

Who, What, Hair Getty Images ‘Clean’ hair care is on the rise, but why? We take a look at how far it’s come, how much further it has to go and whose hair care routine could benefit most from it When it comes to the buzzwords currently gracing the […]

Interestingly, making the switch haircare-wise could reap rewards skincare-wise too. “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen contact dermatitis or eczema appear around the eyes or even on the hands at the very time someone has changed their hair care to the latest formula,” says Imelda. “Often someone will think they want an eye cream to ease the irritation, but really switching their shampoo may do the trick. It makes sense that when talking about hair we also talk about the skin on the surrounding areas.”