“It has been a blessing to find a product that holds my hair in place all day and is all natural.  I have tried other product on the market but yours has been the most helpful.  This product keeps my edges laid and I don’ t have to worry about flyaway hair”

Victoria - Coconut Edge Control Pomade 2 oz

“I love your whipped shea butter!! It doesn’t feel watered down like most products. It’s rich, yet light. My skin feels amazing and my boyfriend even uses it when he thinks I’m not looking. I will get him some next time.  But between us both, it still lasts a pretty long time. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products!”

- Dorothea - Whipped Shea Butter

“I can’t say enough about flaxseed hair gel. Best gel I ever tried my curls are popping”

- Jaquith - Flaxseed Gel